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Over the my career as a copywriter, I've also been called upon to deliver additional marketing services, including SEO, Pay per click, PR, design and more.

In the process I've built a powerful virtual team I call on when needed to enable me to deliver powerful marketing sercices. The team includes , a noted SEO expert, as well as a cadre of designers, coders, bloggers, and media specialists.

The results have been outstanding. We've cracked page one on Google time and time again for clients and brought in a deluge of new targeted traffic.

Take a look at some of the services and programs we offer
If you have any questions, or want to talk about how we can boost your business, just call and set up a free consultation.

Search Engine Optimization 2.0
Our SEO 2.0 program takes you further and faster to the top of the search engines. Want to know how fast it will take?
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Pay Per Click Advertising
Increase your web traffic and maximize your ROI with our targeted, compelling pay per click campaigns.
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PR/Media Outreach
Reach 65,000 media outlets, 100,000 journalists, Google News, Yahoo News and MSN news with this custom PR campaign.see more..  
Social Media Marketing
Sites like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter can be very effective, but time-consuming marketing tools. So we do it for you.
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Direct Marketing
A track record of control busting direct response packages. Copy and design.
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Video Marketing
We'll not only create impressive videos that market your services - we'll also create video submission plans to maximize the impact of your videos. See more  

Let me know what marketing services you're interested in. Call or write me and we can discuss how to get the results you're looking for within your budget. Call Leon at 888-650-9714. Or write me at [email protected]

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